Forbes Coaches Council Members Share Their Greatest Accomplishments

Each month, we like to ask our members a question to create conversation and learn more about the members in our community. Last week, we asked you to share one great accomplishment you’ve experienced as career and business coaches. Here is what some members had to say:

I define my success by the people I truly reach. The real accomplishments come when you see your client break out of whatever was holding them back to grasp a new mindset for their personal and business success. There is nothing quite like that audible gasp of an a-ha moment for a coach! – Jen Kelchner, JenKelchner

“I feel my greatest accomplishment has been in walking my talk. That is, to have built a profitable, sustainable business my way. I’ve built a business that serves the right people in a way that also enables the lifestyle my family and I want to live. We have the time and freedom to home educate our two young kids, eat every meal together, and we are able to focus on what matters most to us, alongside helping others focus on what matters most to them.” – Lea Woodward

Oddly, I believe that I am my greatest accomplishment. When I moved into coaching others, I committed to further developing myself. I think of myself as an instrument in service of others. I have to remain fine-tuned in order to do my work in the world. I feel blessed to be the beneficiary of so much learning. – Corey Blake, Round Table Companies

“My greatest accomplishment has been to be able to truly follow my own career dreams without reluctance or fear. I boldly walked away from a successful career in law as a corporate trial attorney to follow my true passion as an entrepreneur. I have been able quickly rise to the top in the resume and careers industry as the country’s only Nationally Certified Resume Writer and attorney along with a trail of publications in Forbes and The Huffington Post.” – Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru

Consistently seeing individuals around the world go from stressed out and overwhelmed–sometimes even to the point of tears–to peaceful, confident, and accomplished. In my opinion, giving someone hope is one of the biggest achievements you can achieve. – Elizabeth Saunders, Real Life E

“My biggest accomplishment comes from helping my coachees shift the way they see their current situation, allowing them to achieve success. It is amazing to see that even highly successful entrepreneurs and high-ranked business people playing in the global arena have their doubts that still hold them back.” – Claudio Toyama, Toyamaco

Becoming known as an international executive leadership coach who helps bosses become leaders and assists leaders in building their legacies. – Dave Ferguson, Living to Lead

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